The Old Ones today revealed the story behind their forthcoming new studio album ‘Manfred’.

Black Pharaoh added, ‘Manfred is a wonderful dramatic poem, composed by Lord Byron in 1816-17. It contains supernatural elements, in keeping with the popularity of the ghost story in England at the time. It is a typical example of a Gothic fiction.

The character of Manfred is a nobleman living in the Alps, tormented by some unknown guilt involving his dead beloved, Astarte. He uses his supernatural powers to summon seven spirits and commands them to make him forget his unnamed sin.

The spirits, who rule the various components of the corporeal world, are unable to control past events and thus cannot grant Manfred’s plea. For some time, fate prevents him from escaping his guilt through suicide.

At the end, Manfred dies, defying religious temptations of redemption from sin. Throughout the poem he succeeds in challenging all of the authoritative powers he faces, and chooses death over submitting to the powerful spirits.’.